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Heal Your Gut! Bone Broth Receipe

Bone broths, the richest source of collagen helps to rapidly repair leaky gut and improving overall immune function. Hence, inside the gut it tends to draw water molecules towards itself and that helps in easing bowel movements and keeping intestines lubricated. Collagen is one of the most commonly available protein in our body cells. It is present everywhere including skin cells, blood cells, bones cells, cartilage and ligaments cells etc. Glutamine, which is present in the collagen has a key role in preventing inflammation. The long cooking time ranging from eight to over 24 hours draws gelatin and minerals, including
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Natural Brew for Migraine Help

Two major causes of migraines and headaches are constipation and lack of quality sleep/stress….the build up of toxins in the body lead to gasses that cause not just headaches and migraines but poor skin, hair, low immunity, weight gain, bloating, indigestion, fatigue and brain fog…for immediate relief from migraines, soak 4-5 black peppercorns in water for 4-5 hours and eat them with meals…deep breathing counts also help, for example a 6 sec inhale followed by a 10 second hold and a 8 second slow exhale done 5-10 times provides immediate possible relief Try this simple and healing herbal brew –
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Ways to Incorporate More Greens Into Your Diet

The Word “Green Vegetable” always get mixed reaction. Come what may you will recognize this fact that either you will love them, or hate them but you cannot ignore them. Most green vegetable and food items like leafy vegetable grow above ground and move towards sun, which is a sign of energy, vitality. This means people who eat more green leafy and seasonal food are more energetic, dynamic, and full of energy and their CHI is very high. From Ages it has been emphasized that green vegetable are important our body, mind and soul. The importance of eating green vegetables
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